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Our hat creasers have been hat creasin' cowboy hats since 1973.
We know how to crease cowboy hats!
Some of our felt or straw cowboy hats are pre-creased at the factory and the crown can not be recreased.

Our hat creaser can recrease most pre-creased felt brims at your request.

Most pre-creased palm straws cowboy hats brims can be recreased by our hat creaser at your request.

If you do recrease a precreased felt or straw it is at your own risk and can not be exchanged or returned.

The open crown felt or straw cowboy hat can be creased as to the crease you like to wear.
We ask that you are sure of your size on an open crown hat.

Once an open crown hat is creased they can not be returned or exchanged.

Please read our Open Crown Hat Terms.

If you have questions about how to crease your new cowboy hat or questions about a size, please call us at

Below are images of the different cowboy hat creases you can choose.

Jason Aldean Crease

Here Jason is wearing the Resistol Amarillo Sky.

The front is squared off approximately 8" across and the sides pulled up.

The Bull Rider Crease is another popular crease requested by our customers.

Bull Rider hat crease

Bull Rider



Cutter hat crease


Ft. Worth hat crease

Ft. Worth

Gus hat crease


Montana hat crease


Open hat crease


Ridge Top hat crease

Ridge Top

Salem hat crease


Team Roper hat crease

Team Roper


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