What Does The “X” Mean On A Felt Or Straw Cowboy Hat?

The “X” markings in a  felt cowboy hats indicates how much fur content is included in the fur blend used to make the cowboy hat. The more wild fur included in the fur blend used to make the cowboy hat, the higher the “X” marking for that cowboy hat.

2X hat has the lowest content of fur felt for a cowboy hat - a 100X cowboy hat has a much higher content of fur felt. Fur felt cowboy hats are also available in 200X and up.

The price of the hat is also reflected in the “X” content of the felt cowboy hat. The differnce can also be "felt" in the feel and look of the cowboy hat.

A 2X felt will have a rough and stiffer feel and look vs a 100X which will have a soft silky feel and look.

Wild fur in a cowboy hat consists of a blend of wild hare, wild rabbit, beaver fur as well as wool blends.

Now some our  cowboy hat  manufacturers are including the “X” marking on their  straw cowboy hatsThe higher the “X” marking the better quality of the straw cowboy hat.

All natural straw materials are from plants that are grown and cultivated at the proper time. The straws need to be prepared properly before the weaving process begins. Some process include stripping, washing, cooking, dyeing, and drying.

Different woven straws include shantung panama  straw cowboy hats, palm leaf straw cowboy hat, bangora straw cowboy hat, Guatemalan palm straw cowboy hat and treated Mexican palm straw cowboy hats.

So in shopping for a new felt or straw cowboy hat, remember to look at the”X” content in the hat.

You will notice the difference in the felt or straw cowboy hat!

If ever in the Amarillo, Texas or Canyon, Texas area come by our brick and mortar stores and see and feel the difference!